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Hey! Great that you want to collaborate with us. Briefly about us; we started this adventure in May 2016, and have enjoyed it ever since. We can share our passion and receive so many enthusiastic responses to our dishes, tips, reviews, and vlogs! The number of visitors shows this enthusiasm. In May 2016, we started with 400 visitors, and in December 2017 we had 12.000 unique visitors. In December 2018, 30.000 unique fans visited our blog with more than 69.000 page views! And finally, in June 2019, the counter stood at 49.000 unique visitors! An unprecedented growth which we are very proud of. Of course, it does not stop here, and we continue to grow because of our partnerships. Thanks to our partnerships, many more recipes and videos will follow to reach even more fans.


We receive a lot of questions about collaborations and we certainly are open to this. We see working together is a two-way street, but what’s most important to us is that we can stay close to ourselves. That’s why we will never make a blog and/or vlog about a service or product that we do not completely support. We are always completely transparent about this. Cooperation is possible in different ways besides collaborating. For example, think of banners/recipes/vlogs/ a review or a giveaway promotion.


In addition to partnerships, it is also possible to become a BBQproof sponsor. Thanks to sponsorships, we can keep our site up and running to inspire our fans. For example, we give you space to advertise on our site in exchange for sponsorship.


We need to be objective, and this applies to partnerships and sponsoring. We are never obliged to write anything. All texts are sincere and written by us. In our current collaborations and sponsorships, we are always free to do whatever we want to.

Interested in working together with us? Please send an e-mail to info@bbqproof.nl

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